Glass Dog Doors

When it comes to glass dog doors, we are the leading experts in Sydney as 70% of our customers install their pet doors on a glass panel. We have experienced and qualified experts to help you to find the right door for your pets.

Our priority is ensuring the comfort, convenience and safety for your beloved dogs and cats. First, you have to check what type of glass you have. There are 3 types of glass, float glass, laminated glass and safety/toughen glass. And not all types of glass are suitable for our installers to cut on the spot and complete the installation.

Don’t worry, we are here to guide you through step by step and make it convenient for you to determine what type of glass you have. For the best glass dog door installers in Sydney, contact us.

Safety/Toughen Glass Dog Doors

Safety glass is very common among sliding doors or windows. This glass is a lot stronger compared to other glass and should be able to take a few hits, but if the impact is great, this glass will shatter into little pieces just like your car windows. Most of the safety glass is 4mm/5mm, anything below that will need an upgrade to a thicker glass for safety reasons for your pet door.

This glass will not be able to be cut. It will shatter into many pieces, the only way to do it is to replace the original panel to a panel that already has the hole cut in it.

When it comes to Replacement, we will always ensure our glass is top quality and meets the Australia safety standard. To find out if it’s safety glass or not, all you need to look for is a stamp or writing on the glass.

By Australian law, all safety glass requires a stamp on the bottom corner of the glass, either left or right. Make sure you look carefully as sometimes the stamps could be faded away, Also by Australian law, all sliding doors must either be safety glass or laminated glass.

If you do find a stamp on the glass, please speak to one of our experts for more. There are pros and cons of safety glass and laminate. Safety glass is very strong compared to laminate but upon impact, it will shatter and this would not be very good if you have someone determined to break that, it can be done in seconds.

Even though a piece of laminate will have a higher chance of cracks, but upon impact, the glass will stick together just like your car windshield. It will definitely take someone longer to break in. So it is entirely up to you if you still want to upgrade to a piece of safety glass or not.

Our glass dog door installation services are backed with warranty, which means you can rest assured knowing the jobs are done right.

Laminated Glass Dog Doors

Broken glass door

If you do not find any stamps on the glass, most likely it would be a piece of laminated glass. Chances of you having either laminate or safety are 50/50. Laminated glass generally is 6.38mm thick with an interlayer of PVB in between. We are able to cut up to 10mm laminate. Some glaziers like to use safety and some like to use lami.

We can cut laminated glass on the spot and we will have 100% guarantee it will be a perfect cut, if not we will replace the glass free of charge. Our experienced experts have been in this industry for a long time, and we are proud to offer this service for our customers, a lot of other companies would not be able to do that and most of the time they will ask you to replace the glass without giving you any option.

Glass Fitting Dogwalk Pet -Tek NZ

dog walk glass dog door

The new glass fitting slimline Dogwalk is suitable for single glazing from 4mm to 20mm. Its slimline profile makes it suitable for sliding windows. It is manufactured from 100% virtually indestructible polycarbonate. The new Dog walk glass fitting dog door is manufactured from 100% Bayer polycarbonate.

It is designed to fit single, double glazing and sliding windows. To reduce the problem of broken flaps, associated with some other brands of dog doors, it has the added feature of the flap being able to swing higher. This reduces the stress on both the flap and hinge. 1. Four-way locking system 2.. Generous flap 300 x 270mm 3. Supplied with full weather seal to reduce drafts and enable a smooth, quiet operation 4. Automatic flap positioning

  • Self Lining – UV stabilized
  • Smooth quiet action.
  • All stainless steel screws
  • No external screws for security
  • Environmentally friendly (may be recycled)

Cut hole size 385mm(15 1/8″) diameter for glass. Pet-Tek glass fitting cat doors are designed for glass panels 4mm – 20mm (5/32” – 25/32”) and? most ranch sliders (patio sliding doors).


For Sliding glass dog door customers, please note that if your sliders have a clearance of 0.8mm or more in between, the slimline dog walk or catwalk will be able to slide as normal. It will not interfere with your sliding door.

side view of glass dog door installed front view of glass dog door installed

Dog Door In Glass Doors

We take pride in being Sydney’s leadings dog door in glass installers. If you need a quote, feel free to reach out and we would be happy to assist!

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About Sydney Paws Pet Doors

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