Is Your Backyard Safe for Your Dog?

Before installing a dog door and granting your canine companion unrestricted access to your backyard, it’s crucial to ensure that the outdoor space is indeed a safe haven. A dog door provides convenience and freedom, but a yard that’s unsafe could pose risks to your beloved pet. Here’s a checklist to help determine if your […]

How to Stop Your Dog Scratching the Door

It’s a sound that’s all too familiar to many dog owners: the persistent scratching of claws against the door. While it’s a natural way for dogs to communicate their needs, it’s not always music to our ears, especially when considering the potential damage to our doors. So, how do we deter our furry pals from […]

Will my cat use a cat door?

For feline enthusiasts looking to give their cats a taste of independence, a prevalent query arises: “Will my cat actually use a cat door?” Rest assured, with a smidge of understanding and, in some cases, gentle guidance, your beloved feline will be gracefully slipping through their personal door in no time. Cats are creatures of […]

Will my dog use a dog door?

As a pet owner, one question that might linger in your mind when considering installing a dog door is: “Will my dog actually use it?” The short answer? Absolutely! With a bit of patience and the right approach, your canine companion can easily learn to use their new entryway, embracing the newfound independence it provides. […]

About Syney Paws Petdoor

About Sydney Paws Pet Doors

Being huge pet lovers, we understand the importance of having the ultimate care and protection for our pet friends. That is why we offer prompt, reliable and trustworthy service in installing the safest pet doors. Choose our pet door installation in Sydney and ensure a safety zone for your dearest pet.