Glass Door

Give your cat access to the outdoors with Sydney Paws Petdoor’s convenient CatDOORs. We can install a CatDOOR on any type of GLASS DOOR, even on French doors. Just pick a size and call our dedicated team and you’ll have your cat purring from happiness in no time.

Timber Door

Give your cat the freedom to come and go as they please by choosing our Timber CatDOOR. Select from Sydney Paws Petdoor’s wide range of Timber CatDOORs, suitable for every breed and any type of TIMBER DOOR and our highly professional team will install it faster than you can say MEOW.

Screen Door

Stop being your cat’s doorman and call us to make your SCREEN DOOR cat friendly. Sydney Paws Petdoor’s team will install one of our Screen CatDOORs and your cat can become independent. Choose from our widerange of CatDoors, designed for every cat size.

Microchip Petdoor

Take advantage of the innovations in pet care and choose a MicroChipPetDoor. When an animal approaches the MicroChip PetDoor, it will scan for the microchip or RFID collar tag and will only open if it recognises your cat's identification you have assigned into the system.