Sydney Paws Petdoor is a dream team of dedicated professionals and animal lovers, with a noble goal to help all cats and dogs in Sydney to gain their independence. Take advantage of our years of experience and knowledge in installing wide ranges of top quality pet doors. And you can be assured to know that we are recognized as the best pet doors supplier in Sydney.

Being huge pet lovers, we understand the importance of having the ultimate care and protection for our pet friends. That is why we offer prompt, reliable and trustworthy service in installing the safest pet doors. Choose our pet door installation in Sydney and ensure a safety zone for your dearest pet.

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dog door installation sydney

Dog door supply and installation


Our service is open for all kinds of pets, and hence you can always rely on us to keep the ease of the pets in check. Basically dogs are the most common pets of the house, thus if you are keen for a dog door installation, we can be fully trusted upon in a great way. Needless to say, your search may take you to the myriad of choices, but when it comes to the quality, there is hardly anyone who can be at par with us. So, while making the decision to have us on board, do it so with complete confidence.

Each member of our team takes great pride in the work we do and shares our common vision towards animal rights. Sydney Paws Petdoor supports adoption of animals and feels strongly against puppy farms and animal cruelty.


Pets deserves tender and care and a pet door installation for them would only improve their standard of living along with the merit of your comfort. Our experienced professionals are well-adept at their job and can successfully provide a satisfying job with conviction. In short, Pet door Sydney is indeed a must for you, if you are truly serious about getting your pet the much needed comfort.

Cats make for one of the most preferred pets and if you are willing for a cat door installation in Sydney, you surely can have it with us.

To promote the right of every animal to have a safe and loving home, we’ll reward any kind family who have rescued or adopted a dog or a cat, with a discount of $25.

cat door installation sydney

Cats door supply and installation


Brett from Coogee

"Thanks Summer. Jobs done and looking good. Your installer did a great job and our dog Boss is loving it."

Jeanne from Wollongong

"Hi Summer! Mindy loves her new doggy door. Now I can sleep in!!! and don't have to wake up at 6am to open the door. Thanks for a prompt service and will definitely recommend you to my friends!"

Jasmine from Sans Souci

"Thanks Summer, you were very informative and professional, great customer service. And the guy who came did a immaculate job. Very glad I went with you guys"

Emily from Castle Hill

"Hi Summer, the Petdoor looks great! Your installer did a great job and even cleaned up nicely after. Very happy with the service! Will definitely recommend you guys."

Nikki from Bondi

"Superb service and value. Your installer was very polite and professional and if any of my friends want a catdoor installed I will definitely recommend you!"

Lauren from Paddington

"Thank you Summer for your exceptional service! And the young man who came to install was very polite and did a fabulous job! And was very helpful with the training as well! Definitely recommending you guys to all of our friends."

Noya from Annandale

"Thanks Summer. Your installer was lovely, neat and professional."

Sam from Earlwood

"Thanks Summer - one happy customer, and my dog Bennie is making very good use of her own door."