About Us

Sydney Paws Petdoor is a dream team of dedicated professionals and animal lovers, with a noble goal to help all cats and dogs in Sydney to gain their independence. Take an advantage of our years of experience and knowledge in installing wide ranges of top quality pet doors from USA, New Zealand and our proudly made and owned Australian brands.

Being huge pet lovers, we understand the importance of having the ultimate care and protection for our pet friends. That is why we offer prompt, reliable and trustworthy service in installing the safest pet doors.

We offer supply and installation of every kind of cat and dog doors you can think of. No matter if you have glass, timber or screen door, In Sydney Paws Petdoor we have it all!

Each member of our team takes great pride in the work we do and shares our common vision towards animal rights. Sydney Paws Petdoor supports adoption of animals and feels strongly against puppy farms and animal cruelty.

To promote the right of every animal to have a safe and loving home, we’ll reward any kind family who have rescued or adopted a dog or a cat, with a discount of$25.